Example of the foggy weather often found in Acadia.

The weather on Mount Desert Island can change dramatically from hour to hour. One moment it can be warm and sunny, then the next cloudy and cold. During cool mornings, expect fog to envelop the island and its many peaks.

It is also dependent on where on the Island you are, taking heavily into account the elevation. The temperature on the top of Cadillac and the bottom can be quite different.

To combat this chaotic weather, make sure to wear layers. A good raincoat can do wonders when you find yourself in an unexpected rainstorm.

Seasonal temperatures

Season Low Temp (℉) High Temp (℉) Other Things To Note
Spring 30 70 Foggiest season
Summer 45 90 Busiest season
Fall 30 70 Leaf peeping
Winter 10 40 Ice and snow

Climate Change

Climate change is affecting Acadia National Park in multiple ways. The average temperature of both the ocean around the island and the island itself have risen by about 3 degrees. This increase in temperature puts the plant and animal life at risk. If temperatures continue to rise, the biodiversity of the park will suffer.

Rising sea levels are also threatening Acadia National Park. Higher sea levels will eventually cover Thunder Hole, and could completely destroy marshes in the park.

What's the Weather?

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Current Weather on Mount Dessert Island
07/13/2024, 10:30 pm

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