Geology and rock lovers consider Acadia National Park a hot-spot for exploration. Over millions of years, the area has been shaped by glaciers, volcanic activity, and various waterways into its present state. Despite the remarkable rock features and formations, visitors to the park often overlook them. However, identifying these geological wonders is surprisingly easy.

Bubble Rock

Bubble rock.

One of such features is Acadia's famous Bubble Rock. An enormous glacier moved this massive rock on the side of a mountain millions of years ago. Bubble Rock stands as a testament to the park's glacial history. As visitors hike up the Bubbles Divide, they pause to witness this remarkable sight. Some capture images of their attempts to push Bubble Rock over the edge. However, despite the daring efforts, no one has succeeded so far. The opportunity remains - are you up for the challenge?

Glacial Striations

In addition to Bubble Rock, Acadia National Park showcases another fascinating geological phenomenon: glacial striations.  These marks are remnants of the glaciers' movement across the landscape. As they moved, they trapped sediment and rocks below and dragged them along the underlying rock. This created deep scratch marks. Among the various types of striations, chatter marks stand out. These occur when larger stones are pressed down under the weight of the glacier. The underlying bedrock is cut into and forms crescent fractures.

Basaltic Dikes

Basaltic dike.

In addition to glacial striations and Bubble Rock, Acadia National Park is also renowned for its distinctive basaltic dikes. These easily recognizable geologic features form when basaltic magma intrudes into cracks or fractures in older rock. As seen in the image on the left, prominent black streaks are left behind. Basaltic dikes scatter across Mount Desert Island, but are particularly famous for their abundance on the Schoodic Peninsula. This area serves as a prime location to observe and appreciate these fascinating formations. As you explore Acadia National Park, take a moment to marvel at the enduring presence of these basaltic dikes. They stand as tangible reminders of the park's geological history and offer yet another captivating glimpse into its unique geologic past.

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