Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are the answers for questions and issues that users of the Acadia Trails website frequently encounter, otherwise known as FAQs.

How often does this website update?

Currently this website receives updates every summer as a new WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) research team takes up the project.

How do the TrailView tours work?

A seamless TrailView experience is created in Pano2VR through the use of a "skin." Users can easily click and drag to look around, while navigating to the next node on the tour becomes possible by clicking the white and black marker. Moreover, each tour offers the convenience of an icon located at the bottom right, which opens a map displaying approximate node locations and facing directions. If you wish to instantly transport yourself to a specific node, a simple click on that node will achieve just that.

Additionally, accessing an additional menu with various useful buttons is straightforward; users can do so by clicking the icon in the upper left corner. Within this menu, you'll find options for fullscreen mode, a toggle button for tilting with your phone or device, and a button to hide or unhide node markers. While the menu is open, users can effortlessly scroll through thumbnails of all the nodes in the tour. For those using smaller screens, the menu will open an icon that replaces the scrollbar, leading to a list of node thumbnails with the same functionality. This enhanced accessibility ensures a smooth and enjoyable TrailView experience for all users, regardless of the device they are using.

Can I download the interactive map for offline use?

Yes. Downloading the map requires the use of a 3rd party app (MAPS.ME). The downloadable map file is available on the "Trail Map" page, along with detailed instructions for the offline map.

Is this website maintained by Acadia National Park?

No, this website is maintained by a WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) research team, which changes every year. While the national park sponsors the project, it is solely managed by undergraduate students.

Why do some pages not have a TrailView?

During the summertime, the website's prime activity revolves around creating TrailViews. The team focuses their efforts on capturing the park's beauty through these immersive experiences. However, certain trails are closed to the public to safeguard the peregrine falcons and their nesting grounds. This results in temporary limitations on access during this crucial nesting season.

If you are unable to find a TrailView on trails that remain open and unaffected by falcon nesting closures, there's no need to worry. The website maintains an Archive page, where they store old TrailViews. This Archive page serves as a valuable resource, allowing visitors to access previous content and explore past trail experiences at their convenience.

Why do some of the TrailViews load slowly?

An earlier version of Pano2VR was used to build the older versions of the TrailViews. However, these earlier versions were not optimized for large tours, leading to longer loading times.

Where do trail stats come from?

OnTheGoMap.com gathers the trail stats from topographical information. Please note that the listed lengths represent one-way travel for there-and-back trails and the length of the loop for loop trails. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the gathered distances may slightly underestimate the actual values. Moreover, since many trails in Acadia allow traversal in either direction, the larger elevation change on the trail represents elevation gain, while the smaller change represents elevation loss. If the direction of elevation on a trail is not immediately obvious, referring to a topographical map is recommended for accurate determination.

Where do I go to report issues or give feedback?

At the very bottom of every page (including this one) is a link to our Report an Issue page. Submit feedback or report errors there.

Where did the pictures on the website come from?

The teams working on the website took pictures seen on this website or they are from public domain sources.

Can I use the pictures on this website?

Yes! All  pictures are in the public domain. If you use our pictures, attribute them to our website to increase its exposure.

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