Credits for the entire history of the Acadia Trails project:

Current Project Team

2023 TrailView Team: Grace Baumgartner, Benjamin Cobb, Juliana Porto, Nick Prayner

Sources & References

Interactive Map: (c) 2020 Google and GmapGIS

Acadia National Park Photographs Courtesy of Scott & Geoffrey Garsson

Trail Description Sources:

Hiking Project

Maine Trail Finder

All Trails

Past Project Teams

2021 TrailView Team: Bryce Bragdon, Navelyn Carrillo, Zachary Koval, Jacob Parker, Rebecca Whittier

2020 TrailView Team: Evan Muzilla, Geoffrey Garsson, Jingyu Xie, Elizabeth Roberts, Xizhao Zhang

2016 TrailView Team: Joe Crimi, Harrison Czajkowski, Yani DeAraujo, Marcus Knodler, Patrick Lacroix

2015 TrailView Team: Odell Dotson, Stephen Harnais, Alora Hillman, Norbert Hugger, Marianne Kanellias

2014 TrailView Team: Stephanie Fariello, Fernando Gonzalez, Caitly Marcoux, Luke Pantuosco

2013 TrailView Team: Timothy Calvert, Cameron Canale, Laura Hart, Rachel Wigell

2012 TrailView Team: Emily Anness, William Korb, Lauren MIckelson, Quinn Perry


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Project Advisors

Professors Frederick Bianchi and Stephen McCauley

Credits to Professor Bianchi and McCauley for helping to hide from the GoPro during a TrailView collection.

NPS Sponsors

Dr. Abraham Miller-Rushing and Adam Gibson